Trouble in Tulle

Im sitting at one of my favorite Austin eateries, La Condesa, blogging a lá iPhone, waiting for a business luncheon to start. With the extra bit of time, I snuck over to because Paris fall 2013 Fashion Week has officially begun, and Ulyana Sergeenko’s Fall 2013 Couture Collection kicked off the week with a collection that would be worthy in the eyes of Catherine the Great herself. I would tell you how much I love it but I can’t pick my jaw up off the ground. All I want is to escape this terrible Texas heat, move to Russia and wrap myself up in her romantic, lush winter line. She incorporated her signature silhouette (deep v, puffed sleeves, and cartoon-like a-line skirt) into most of her looks. It was very Olive Oyl a la Popeye- but stepped up a notch. #amirite. Dresses were ankle-length, most featured some sort of…

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