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Child models will soon be covered by state labor law in New York.


The bill, which has already cleared the Legislature, is intended to protect child models, meaning those under 16, from physical, sexual, and financial abuse.

If signed into law by Gov. Cuomo, the bill will put child runway and print models on par with young actors, dancers, musicians, singers, and voice-over artists.  They will be covered in state law by mandated education, oversight, and financial protections.


With this new bill, child runway and print models will be required to have a chaperone by law monitor their workplaces.  Employers will also have to provide pediatric nurses, teachers, a dedicated space for instruction, and must deposit at least 15% of the children’s gross income into a financial trust.

The bill has mainly been pushed by model Coco Rocha, who herself had been a teenage model, and understands the difficulties that…

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