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tumblr_mxu05qc1fl1r89xoyo3_1280She is the Icon, the first supermodel from Africa to grace the cover of Vogue. Iman is one of the most influential people ever in the world of fashion, especially for women of color. She trail-blazed the way for a whole generation of black models to start breaking down the invisible barriers once and for all. As poignantly stated by blackfabulousity, ‘never forget that this woman is almost 60 yet so unbelievably gorgeous. A fashion Icon, who has come a million miles from her Somalian roots, bagging 14 years of modeling experience and a multi million dollar cosmetic firm, Iman in her 58 years has been an inspiration, a muse and a force to be reckoned with. Check out these pictures of the Icon Iman and her timeless beauty from a recent editorial of ‘S Moda magazine…
tumblr_mxu05qc1fl1r89xoyo5_1280tumblr_mxu05qc1fl1r89xoyo4_1280tumblr_mxu05qc1fl1r89xoyo6_1280tumblr_mxu05qc1fl1r89xoyo1_1280Image Credit: Max Abadian

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